Sssshhhhhhh... Contents may be too sexy for church

By Fate Hagood |  March 15, 2011

Sssshhhhhhh... Contents may be too sexy for church... God has not ignored our sex lives... As a matter of fact... God made us sexy! Since God made us this way, He has a lot to say about it. Therefore shouldn't the church? Join us at Metropolitan Church of Christ on Sunday mornings at 11:00 for a 4-week journey toward understanding God's idea about sex and intimacy.

Sermons In Series:
  • Week 1 - The Naked Truth God Is Not As Anti-Sex As Some Believe
Week 2 - Sexual Healing  What Men & Women Need To Know About Each Other
  • Week 3 - All My Single Ladies... And Men! (Stacy Jones Guest Speaker)
  • Week 4 - Un-Break My Heart: Recovering From Sexual Guilt